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            • Shandong DePu Chemical Industry Science and Technology Co,.Ltd
              The company was established in 2004.It's a stock private enterprise which engaged in the production and sales of refined chemical products such as Additives sodium ,Propylene glycol(12,000tons per year)、 Dimethyle Carbonate(10,000tons per year)、propylene carbonate(20,000tons per year)、 D-lsoas corbate (3000tons per year),the company is one of the specialized chemical enterprises which have bigger production abilities of the above mentioned products. The company owns advanced equipment、standard quality assurance system、effective management system and fluent information management web. The company attracts many excellent personnel who have mid or high—technical titles is above 34% and 73.8% of them have middle educational level.
              The company is located in Xinta  Click for details>>

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